Portugal is situated in the southern tip of Europe and is bordered by Spain to the east. The abundant sunshine, impressive natural attractions and vibrant culture of Portugal combine to make this an excellent location to book a mobile home and visitors will find a good range of leading campsites to choose from.

Experience the Camping Holiday of a Lifetime in Portugal

What Makes Camping in Portugal So Special?

Year round sunshine

Stunning sandy beaches

Impressive historical attractions

Charming traditional towns and villages

Exciting nightlife scenes

Delicious Portuguese cuisine to sample

Despite its small size, Portugal is a nation that boasts something for everyone, from traditional towns and villages set with narrow winding lanes to the enchanting sandy beaches of the Algarve. The rich culture and history of the nation can be clearly seen in many of its well preserved historical sites, while areas such as the Algarve and Lisbon are famous for their vibrant nightlife scenes and are great places to drink and dance the night away.

The Most Popular Regions of Portugal to Camp include


Visitors reserving luxury spots at one of the enchanting LUX-camps in Cascais travel here to explore the enchanting marina and play sports such as golf on one of the area’s impressive golf courses. The city of Lisbon is also just a short drive away, making this an ideal place to use as a base while getting to know the big city and all that it has to offer.

The Algarve

The Algarve is among the most popular parts of Portugal among visitors and each year thousands of guests book a mobile home here to spend their days soaking up the sun on the beach. There are around two hundred kilometres of gorgeous sandy beaches to explore in the Algarve, while the area also boasts impressive rock formations and historical attractions such as the famous red stone castle at Silves.

Attractions, Weather and Climate in Portugal

Attractions in Portugal

The city of Lisbon is the capital of Portugal and most of the country’s historical and architectural treasures can be found here. Among the highlights are Belem Tower, Jerónimos Monastery and Castelo de São Jorge, while the city of Évora also features a large number of well preserved Roman ruins.

Weather and Climate

Portugal is one of the warmest countries in the whole of Europe and the nation is blessed with a Mediterranean climate. The spring and summer months boast plenty of hot and sunny days and this a popular time of year to arrange a luxury camping trip. Although rainfall is not uncommon in the autumn and winter, there are still plenty of sunning days to enjoy as well as heat.

Food, Drink and Culture

One of the great things about choosing to stay on a luxury camping site is that most establishments come complete with their own restaurants. Freshly caught seafood is the staple of most dishes and is prepared in a wide range of different ways. Anyone who wants to get a feel for the unique culture of Portugal should spend time at the fairs that are held each year in the northern part of the country during the summer months.

These include music festivals showcase traditional Portuguese folk music and are usually held in picturesque villages against stunning backdrops and among the most famous annual folk festivals are Vilar de Mouros and Paredes de Coura and Vilar de Mouros in the north of Portugal and the Festival do Sudoeste in the south.