Flanders is the northern part of Belgium and it is known for its historic buildings, surprising museums and unique city centres, where you can cycle and walk as much as you like. The city of Bruges, also known as Belgium's Venice, and its charming waterfront houses are a great place to spend your camping holiday in Belgium's most touristic province. Ghent, Antwerp, Hasselt or Leuven are also worth a visit. But Flanders is not just cities and museums. It also includes tourist areas such as the Kempen and Belgian Limburg, all beautiful regions with plenty of nature.

Kempen in Flanders

The Kempen, also called Kempenland or Campine, is the region east of Antwerp. Actually, the area is a large chain of nature reserves. Small picturesque villages are interspersed with forests and fields of corn or grain. In the Kempen abbeys, often in fairytale-like surroundings, monks live and work, such as in the Westmalle Trappist Abbey, where you can walk the Trappist path and then enjoy a delicious glass of Trappist beer. This area is also great for cycling. There are more than 2000 km of relatively flat cycling paths and there is always a nice cycling route that suits you and your family. A day in the special village of Baarle-Nassau (NL) and Baarle-Hertog (BE) is of course also on the programme.

Belgium Limburg

In Belgian Limburg, situated in the north eastern part of Belgium, you will find many attractions. For young children, the amusement park Plopsa Indoor Hasselt in the city of Hasselt is of course a big attraction. The Bokrijk domain in Genk is also a popular outing. The region also has various museums, such as the National Jenever Museum, the Fashion Museum and Arts Centre Z33 in Hasselt and the Gallo-Roman Museum in Tongeren.