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The southern part of Norway is known for its beautiful coastline with beaches and charming villages with white-painted wooden houses. The Norwegians also like to holiday in this region themselves because of the beautiful sea, the clear skies and the rocks and beaches where you can sunbathe. The main city is Kristiansand, and this is also where the ferry from the Netherlands arrives.

Things to see and do in Southern Norway

Be sure to visit some of the villages in southern Norway, where you can stroll through the narrow streets past white houses. In Risør, for example, you will find many quaint little craft shops. Hollenderbyen, the old centre of the small town of Flekkefjord, is fun to visit for its many street arts, such as murals. Hollenderbyen, meaning Holland Town, owes its name to its strong connection with the Netherlands in the 16th and 17th centuries.  The area around Lista and Farsund is a piece of America in Norway, and many American cars still drive around here. Here you will also find the best surf spots and Lista's beautiful white beaches.

Norway has many natural phenomena that you are bound to check out, such as the horizontal potholes in Brufjell. These were formed tens of thousands of years ago in the Ice Age when the sea level was a lot higher. Hiking can be done in Raet National Park, for example. Who will discover traces of the Ice Age here? The children will enjoy a visit to Viltgården, where they can pet tame moose, a bike ride on an old railway track, or a day of rafting. Also fun: in the spot Lindesnes, you can dine in the world's largest underwater restaurant!

Campsites in Southern Norway

Frislufstliv, the outdoors! Being busy, or lazing around, in the open air. In Norway, this is a popular leisure activity. The concept is also closely related to 'kos', or coziness. And where do these two things come together more than on a campsite? Campsites in southern Norway are often located in beautiful areas, close to beaches, fjords, lakes, or mountains, so there are plenty of outdoor activities to do. Swimming, going to the playground or sports field, cycling or hiking nearby, or just relaxing in a hammock. There are more than 1,000 campsites, ranging from small nature campsites to 5-star campsites in Norway. Enjoy camping in Norway with the whole family, so check out all campsites in Norway offered by Allcamps now.

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  • Hire a boat and sail to Risør
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