The coast of Montenegro consists of several parts. The campsites offered by Allcamps are mainly located at the Ulcinj Riviera. On this southernmost Riviera you will also find Velika beach, the longest beach on the Adriatic coast, and two peninsulas, Marjan and Mandra, which have a subtropical climate. A little higher up is the Budva Riviera, with Montenegro's best sandy beaches fringed by high cliffs. The Tivat Riviera has a total of 17 beaches and three offshore islands. The northernmost Riviera is the Kotor Riviera, with different types of beaches and a Mediterranean climate.

The coast of Montenegro

Sand lovers will enjoy Velika Plaza, the longest beach in Montenegro. This beach is a whopping 13 kilometers long and is located near Ulcinj. In 2010, Velika beach was named one of the top travel destinations by The New York Times.

Ulcinj, at the beginning of Velika beach, is the southernmost town on the coast of Montenegro and used to be known as the pirate capital of the Adriatic. The beautiful old town resembles a castle. Ulcinj has an eastern feel thanks to its mosqueën, old Turkish mansions and mozaïek-decorated fortress.

There are many large and smaller campsites on the coast of Montenegro.