Terms & Conditions


Please read the following conditions carefully as they form the basis of your contract with Allcamps and the company providing your transport arrangements. By making a booking by phone or e-mail with the Allcamps office or online at www.allcamps.ie, it is understood by Allcamps that you have read and accepted these booking conditions and other important information outlined in this website. On this page the words “you” and “your” refer to you (the party leader) and any members of your party. The words “Allcamps”, “we”, “our” and “us” refer to Allcamps Netherlands BV. The contract will be governed by Swiss law. Allcamps is the trading name of CampingVision AG (Company registration number CH-494.367.817). These booking conditions only apply to customers who have booked online at www.allcamps.ie or via the Allcamps IE office Tel 0818 002575.

Website information

Allcamps have done their utmost to ensure that the contents of this website are correct as of September 30th 2022. Campsites and suppliers may change their facilities or accommodation information at any time and Allcamps will endeavour to up-date this website as soon as notification of such changes are received. We do not accept liability for any changes, errors or omissions. Obvious errors and mistakes on our website are not binding and we reserve the right to amend these.

Booking your holiday and payments

Whether you book online, by phone or by e-mail, you will receive an e-mail confirmation for your booking. In this confirmation you will receive instructions on the required deposit and the time limit for the deposit to be paid. Payments must be in € (EURO) and can be made by bank transfer or credit card within the time specified on your confirmation. If payments are not received within the specified time then the holiday will be cancelled and any charges incurred will be payable by you. The cancellation fee depends on the date on which you want us to perform your cancellation.  A minimum cancellation fee of 30% applies to all bookings (regardless of whether a deposit/payment has been made or not).  There is no bank charges if you pay by bank transfer. 

The deposit is 25% of the holiday cost, to be paid within 3 days. The balance of the holiday cost should be received in full no later than 8 weeks before you are due to travel.  Bookings made less than 8 weeks before departure must be paid for in full at the time of booking. If the total balance is not received, Allcamps reserves the right to cancel the holiday and any charges incurred will be payable by you. As accommodation starts to fill up it may not be possible to get an immediate confirmation for your booking request. In this situation you will receive a message that your booking is on request. Please note that if the accommodation requested is available this will immediately become a confirmed booking.

How does it work

When you book a holiday on request we contact the supplier on your behalf to enquire if they still have the required accommodation available. It can take up to 3 days for us to get a reply. We will then send you one of the following replies: 

  • The request is available: Your request will instantly become a confirmed booking. An invoice will be dispatched via email within 24 hours. PLEASE NOTE: Should you then wish to cancel, cancellation fees will apply. 
  • The request is not available: Should the supplier not be able to accommodate you, we will contact you by phone or email in order to try and find a suitable alternative holiday. 



If you wish to cancel your booking for any reason you must notify Allcamps as soon as possible. On the date that the cancellation is received the cancellation charges below apply, expressed as a percentage of the total holiday cost. All days stated represent the number of days between your arrival day at the campsite and the date that the cancellation was notified to Allcamps. 

A. 42 days or more (excluding arrival date at campsite): 30%
B. Day 42 (including arrival date) to day 28 (excluding arrival date): 60%
C. Day 28 (including arrival date) to day 1 (excluding arrival date): 90%
D. Cancellation on the day of arrival or later: 100%

Cancellations must be confirmed in writing. In case of cancellation, it is not possible to transfer any money already paid, to the following calendar year. 


We recommend you take out cancellation insurance that also covers you if you have to cancel because you, or one of your travel companions, has Covid-19, such as our Campez Couvert insurance 

Please note: All bookings made by Allcamps are for accommodations or campsite pitches only.   We cannot be held accountable for the costs incurred relating to canceled flights regardless of whether insurance has been taken on the booking for the accommodations or campsite pitches.  Flights are an entirely different entity and are not covered within the accommodation / campsite pitches booking.  It is the responsibility of the guest to arrange their own transportation to the campsite.

Your party

The party leader (who must be at least 26 at the time of booking) takes full responsibility for the other party members and for any payments outstanding on the holiday booking. You must ensure that the maximum number of guests allowed in the accommodation is adhered to. Should you exceed the maximum number of people allowed, you may be refused entry to the accommodation and/or campsite. A mini-tent (max. size 2.00 x 2.00 mtr) cannot be used to maximize or exceed the number of people allowed in the accommodation. Mini-tents are not allowed on some campsites. 

Only guests notified to Allcamps at the time of booking will be admitted onto the campsite. Persons under the age of 18 traveling without their parents or legal guardians must have written consent to travel signed by their parents or legal guardians. Our campsites are family campsites and are not suitable for hen & stag parties, employees working in the area, nor groups of young people (even if they are over 18 years old) and we will not accept such bookings. Min 1 person among the travel participants in each accommodation must be 26 or over. Booking is only possible if children under the age of 16 are included. If you are in any doubt about this you should tell us at the time of booking about the composition of your party, otherwise, you may be refused entry to the campsite.

If you are in any doubt about this you should tell us at the time of booking about the composition of your party, otherwise, you may be refused entry to the campsite. 

In all our campsites it is only permitted to stay for recreational purposes. If a reservation is made for employees, campsites have the right to refuse them on arrival.

In all our campsites it is only permitted to stay for recreational purposes. If a reservation is made for employees, campsites have the right to refuse them on arrival.

If a member of your party has an infectious or contagious disease you may be asked to leave the campsite. In these circumstances no refund will be made. You must pay particular attention to the general behavior and safety of any minors in your party and in particular where there is obvious danger e.g. swimming pools, open water, roads, campsite entertainments and licensed bars, where parental supervision is required. 

We are not responsible for any loss of enjoyment or disruption to your holiday due to any information that you fail to disclose to us at the time of booking. 

We reserve the right to refuse any booking or amendment to a booking for any reason. Some campsites and/or accommodation may not be suitable for customers with restricted mobility. If you are in any doubt, please discuss this at the time of booking. Pets are allowed in certain accommodations on certain campsites only. Pets must be notified to Allcamps at the time of booking.

Changes made by you

After confirmation, if any details of the booking require amending, please contact us as soon as possible. We will endeavour to accommodate the request but cannot guarantee we will be able to make the amendment. Our amendment fee is € 27 on all changes notified to us. You will also be charged for any amendment fees and/or increased costs levied by third parties on services booked on your behalf. Allcamps offers you a variety of accommodation suppliers. Once your booking has been confirmed it is not possible to change your booking to another supplier without first cancelling your original booking. In this case your cancellation fee is outlined above and this payment cannot be transferred to a new supplier. If possible we may be able to make changes to your booking with your original supplier and in this case, you will also be charged for any increased costs arising from the changes that you make to your accommodation booking plus the amendment fee. 

If you make any changes to your booking which result in a price reduction, the cancellation fees stated above will apply to the amount of this price reduction, at the moment of notification of the change. If we cannot make your requested change and you do not wish to continue with your holiday then your booking will be deemed as cancelled with effect from the date that the change was requested and the normal cancellation charge will apply. We reserve the right to refuse any changes to your booking. 

Subject to availability, your holiday dates can be extended during your stay at the campsite. Extra nights should be requested and paid to the representatives on the campsite or at the main reception. Discounted rates (e.g. 14=12), or any other ongoing discounts at the time, cannot be used in conjunction with these extra nights. If you arrive late or leave early from your holiday no refund of money paid will be made. Furthermore it is not possible, in any circumstances to transfer such paid amounts to a booking for the following calendar year.

Data protection

In order to provide you with our services it is necessary to collect certain information about you and your party. These details can include the names and dates of birth of party members, a telephone number, a postal and e-mail address, your vehicle details, your debit or credit card details, special health issues and any other information necessary for the successful completion of your holiday booking. Strict measures are in place to protect your personal data and we do not share this data with external marketing agencies. We will use your personal data for our own marketing purposes unless you tell us otherwise. When you request a service from us we may have to pass on selected items of your personal data to third party suppliers such as campsites and cross Channel operators. Some of these suppliers may operate outside the EEA. We may also have a legal responsibility to pass on your personal data to credit checking agencies and government bodies. Under the provision of the 1998 Data Protection Act you have the right to receive a copy of the information held about you by Allcamps. You have the right to change that information. We may charge an administration fee for such services. Please inform us in writing if you wish to remove your details from our database.

How we use your contact information provided on the booking

We use and store the personal data you have provided at booking, to be able to process your booking from entry of your booking request to after your holiday, and by that comply with our legal obligations. We only use your mail address for marketing purposes if you allow us, by accepting the Newsletter box at booking. We collect your phone number and may share this data with third party, our partner on the campsite, to use this only for arrival procedure if you are late or in case of urgencies on site, where the crew will need to get in contact with you. Other personal data will not be shared with third parties, unless we ask again for purpose.

Travel documents

It is your responsibility to be in possession of all the necessary documentation (also for the children) needed for the destination of your choice. Allcamps will accept no liability for cases resulting from you and/or your party not having the correct travel documents. There are no visa restrictions for Irish citizens to visit any of the countries featured on this website. All Irish citizens (including children) require a full valid passport. If you need a new passport apply in good time as there is often a backlog, especially in the summer. 

Accommodation availability

Your accommodation will be ready for you in the late afternoon at the time stated on your travel documents. In many cases you will be required to pay a cash deposit when you check in, which will be returned, if the accommodation has been left as you found it on your arrival. You may also be required to pay a local tourist tax on arrival. On your day of departure, checkout is in the morning at the time stated on your travel documents. If you arrive later or depart earlier than your reserved dates, there will be no refund for the unused part of your booking and this will also entitle the supplier to resell the accommodation. Reserved extras are per booked campsite to include the same period as that of the booked accommodation. If, due to unforeseen circumstances, we are unable to offer you the booked accommodation, you will be informed immediately. If available a similar alternative accommodation will be offered, without affecting the price of your holiday. Should you decline the alternative, then all of the money you paid for this holiday will be refunded. In this case, Allcamps will only refund accommodation costs or travel services that are booked and paid for by Allcamps. Furthermore Allcamps will not be liable for any compensation resulting from such a cancellation.

Accommodation property of the campsite

The accommodations on this website are the property of campsites or recognized suppliers. The responsibility for management and maintenance of these accommodations is therefore with these campsites or suppliers.

Your accommodation

When you make your booking you agree to accept the accommodation allocated to you by the campsite representative, irrespective of any special requests that you made at the time of booking. If you are not happy with the condition or cleanliness of the accommodation you should report this immediately. It is your responsibility to look after the accommodation and equipment during your holiday. You will be liable for any loss and/or damage to the accommodation and/or equipment, regardless if it was due to lack of due care and attention, or a third party. There may be subtle differences in the appearance and layout of the accommodations. Pitches for tents and mobile homes may vary in size and shape, even on the same campsite. In some instances it is not possible to use the tent awning. Allcamps reserves the right to claim for damages and/or loss to accommodation and/or equipment during your stay. If damage and/or loss is detected you should report this to your campsite representative as soon as possible. This will ensure the issue and any associated problems can be resolved on site. The holidays in this programme are based on a single family with one car. Any variation in this may cause problems at some campsites and this will be at your own risk and cost. It is not always possible to park near to your accommodation and you may have to park in the campsite car park. On some campsites motorcycles are not allowed. Beds and mattresses may be different to what you are used to at home. In most cases the maximum length of the beds is 1.90 m (unless otherwise stated) and a double bed may be made up of two separate mattresses. All our accommodations are non-smoking. Electric heaters (and where applicable air conditioning units) should be operated in an environmentally correct and responsible manner. When in use close all windows and doors and switch off the electric heater or air conditioning unit when you are not at your mobile home.

Special requests and guarantee next to eachother

If you are travelling together with one or more families, we appreciate that you would like to be next to each other. Or you might prefer a shady pitch, or to be near the pool. You should give us your special request at the time of booking and this will be sent to your campsite representative. We will do our utmost to accommodate your request but unfortunately we cannot guarantee it. Booking early or being a returning Allcamps customer does not offer a guarantee or improve your chance of securing your special request. It really depends whether an accommodation is available to suit your request on your arrival day. If your special request is not be possible, you will not be informed of this in advance. There is no charge for such special requests. However with some accommodation types you can book a guaranteed “next to each other” special request for a fee of appr. € 30 per accommodation (max. 3 accommodations for the same dates). Allcamps will then guarantee that you will be next to each other. Next to each other also includes back to back, diagonally across, as long as there is no other accommodation between your accommodation and that of the other party/parties. If we fail to honour your guaranteed “next to each other” special request; you will receive a refund of the money you paid for this request.


We accept no responsibility for any loss, theft, damage or injury incurred during your stay. The majority of campsites offer a personal safe hire service at the main reception. Allcamps guests must respect the Campsite rules and regulations. Should these be ignored, Allcamps and the campsite reserve the right to deny further access to the accommodation and/or the campsite. In these circumstances Allcamps will give no refunds. Most campsites ask for night time silence normally between 22:00-07:00. In Italy there can be siesta period normally between 13:00-15:00. During both of these periods there is no vehicle access into or out of the campsite. Some campsites issue barrier cards for vehicle access and/or personal identity bands. Personal identity bands must be worn at all times. You may be charged a deposit for barrier cards and /or personal identity bands, which you may not get back if you lose them. The campsite representatives are not entitled to make decisions on behalf of Allcamps. The Campsite Representatives are not allowed to engage in any commercial or non-commercial arrangements with you, and Allcamps accepts no liability for any damage, injury, loss of enjoyment or expense caused to you by such arrangements. Outside of the High Season period (July and August), the campsite management reserve the right to withdraw or restrict campsite facilities and this is reflected in the lower price of holidays during the Low Season. Please check at the time of booking if there is an activity which is key to your holiday. Some facilities in Italy may be closed during the siesta period. Stated opening and closing dates/times of campsite facilities, e.g. swimming pools and activities, are subject to change. Pool regulations vary and some campsites insist that you wear swimming hats. Swim shorts are not always allowed in swimming pools. Some campsites close their pools from time to time for routine cleaning and maintenance. Campsites may charge for use of certain facilities and/or activities. Mini-Tents (max. size 2.00 x 2.00 mtr) are allowed on certain campsites only. You must keep your mini-tent and all belongings within the confines of your pitch. You must notify us at the time of booking if you are taking a mini-tent. Allcamps do not supply mini-tents.


Every effort has been made to ensure that the information displayed on this website was correct at the time of publication on 30th November 2019. We do not accept any liability for any errors, omissions or changes made during the holiday season. Nor do we accept liability for any events beyond our control, such as adverse weather, noise pollution, building activities on site, vermin, work on or to the campsite facilities (e.g. swimming pool and WiFi) and other circumstances where the responsibility lies with the campsite owner. We do not accept any liability where any damage, loss of enjoyment or expense caused to you is from circumstances of 'force majeure', your actions or any third party not under the control of Allcamps. We do not accept liability for any event beyond the control of Allcamps such as war, riots, strikes, adverse weather and other Acts of God or similar events. The pictures and illustrations have been published in good faith in order to give an overall impression of the destination and/or the accommodation. All rights are reserved. Picture material is supplied by our guests, colleagues and the campsite and we would like to thank them for their contributions. For those situations not covered by the Terms and Conditions, decisions will be at the discretion of the Management.

Financial security

Camping Vision AG as your contract partner when booking via allcamps.ie is a member of SGR (no. 04653). This means the holidays on this website are protected by SGR. For further information on the benefits and financial protection provided by SGR, visit the SGR website at https://www.sgr.nl/english/.

Prices and discounts

We reserve the right to increase or decrease the price of unsold holidays at any time. Last-minute discounts are not valid on bookings that were made prior to the publication of the discounts. Discounts (e.g. 14=12) cannot be combined with other discounts are not applicable to holiday extras.


In the unlikely event that you think you have a valid complaint, please notify the campsite representative or campsite staff. It is our policy to try and resolve any issues on the campsite so that you can enjoy your holiday. If the issue is not resolved immediately, please contact the Allcamps IE office, and we will try and resolve the problem. If you are not satisfied with the outcome you must register your complaint in writing within 2 months after your return. Complaints received after this time will not be considered. Any complaints that do not follow the above procedures will not be considered. A complaint outlined on one of our questionnaires will of course be read but will not be considered as a formal complaint and will therefore not generate a reply.

And finally

Please bear in mind that however comfortable the accommodation is or however wonderful the facilities are; this is still a campsite holiday. To those who have never been to a campsite it is worth noting that most of the campsites are fully booked in July and August. Should your priority be privacy, peace and quiet when on holiday, we’d recommend that you avoid these months. Furthermore a holiday abroad means different people, ways of life, culture and values and this should be taken into account when booking your holiday.