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Personal Data Policies 

Your personal data

When booking your holiday on this domain, Allcamps acts as travel agent for you, while your contract partner is CampingVision. At both companies, we want our customers to feel safe whenever they visit our website, buy our products and use our services. For this reason, our personal data policies are written in a clear and precise manner, providing complete transparency regarding how we store, transmit, and utilize your personal data. Our processing of personal data is in line with the EU Data Protection Regulation of May 2018 (GDPR) and is collected and processed in accordance with this personal data policy.

Data Controller

The personal privacy policies only apply to Allcamps and CampingVision products and services, which now are the data controller responsible for the personal data covered by this policy.

Allcamps is part of CampingVision. Allcamps shares personal data with CampingVision in regard to administrative and analytical work. The personal data collected by Allcamps is thus also processed by CampingVision for the purposes stated below. In the following text, CampingVision AG and the subsidiary company Allcamps BV are hereafter referred to as “CampingVision".

Contact information

You are welcome to contact Allcamps at

You can also contact CampingVision at

Collection of personal data 

What is personal data?

Personal data is all information directly or indirectly related to an individual, such as a name, phone number, email address or IP-address.

At CampingVision, we collect personal data in several different ways, but most of all it comes directly from the user.

Certain types of personal data are classified as sensitive and confidential, including information pertaining to a user’s religious beliefs, political inclinations, and health. We only collect and utilise sensitive personal data when it is necessary and this is always done in accordance with our personal data privacy policy. An example of this is health-related information regarding the use of customer-purchased travel insurance.

Personal data connected to booking and travel

When you book a trip through CampingVision, we will collect personal data to complete your reservation. This includes information such as the name and age of all travellers, the number of children travelling, and the address and contact information of the person booking the trip. In connection with the booking, we will also collect payment information from the person paying for the trip.

When booking a CampingVision trip for several people, you should ensure that everyone involved has been informed about this personal data privacy policy and that they have given permission for you to share their information.

When booking a vacation with us, we will also collect information regarding your trip. In addition to the aforementioned information, this includes destinations, travel dates, and various travel extras. 

We collect personal data from you when you contact us through, e.g. customer service, e-mail, phone or in other ways. Overall, we mainly collect and process personal data necessary for us to answer your questions and deal with your queries. Depending on your chosen contact method, this may include an email address and/or a telephone number.

Regardless of whether you complete your booking over the phone, in person, through our electronic booking form or via live chat, we’ll request the same information to complete your booking. We may also retain additional information provided by you, including information relating to medical conditions, allergies, and other such issues.

Subscribing to CampingVision newsletters

When you subscribe to the CampingVision newsletter, we collect your name and email address, as well as information pertaining to your previous CampingVision bookings (history, preferences). This allows us to send you relevant and bespoke offers.

Use of our digital services

When you visit our website or use any of our other digital services, we collect information about how you use the service, including personal data, such as IP-address. Moreover, we also collect information on how you navigate within the specific digital service, which pages you visit, and which of our products you are interested in. If you are logged in with your customer login, or you send us other data we can use to identify you, we will associate your behaviour on the digital service with the information we have collected. We will use this data to improve and optimize the customer experience for you and future customers.

Data about you collected from other people

If data relating to one or more fellow travellers is disclosed when booking a vacation, we will assume this data has been obtained with permission from the person(s) whose personal data has been disclosed.

Adjustments to contact information or other relevant personal data

It is the customer's responsibility to maintain contact information, ensuring we have accurate and up-to-date booking data. If this is not the case, we may need to use public records so we can contact you in relation to your travels.

Administration and storage of personal data 

Legal basis for the processing of personal data

At CampingVision we process your personal data in accordance with the law. It may be that some personal data is necessary to complete your booking, in which case it is processed with your consent and within the confines of the law. If you withdraw your consent or it expires, some personal data can still be available for other purposes, including accounting. Most of the personal data we process is related to the completion of the booking process or for marketing purposes.

Your trip

We use your personal data to provide the service you have booked with us. This personal data will, among other things, be used to send you a booking certificate and travel documents. However, it will also be used to complete the booking with our partner companies and finalise payment.  For this purpose, your personal data is used for accounting, settlement, auditing, credit or payment verification services.

Gift card

When you purchase or receive a gift card from us, we will process your personal data in connection with the issue and handling of said card. For this, we need the name, address and e-mail address of the recipient. Moreover, we also process your payment information to complete the payment.

Customer login

When booking a holiday with us, we create a customer login for you, and this is linked to our customer database. This allows you to log in with your booking information and analyse details of your booking. Your customer login will be valid for as long as we have your personal data in our database.  Check the section storage times for more information.

Customer care and complaints

We use your personal data to provide you with the best possible customer service, in case you contact us with questions, comments or complaints.  When you contact us, we request some personal data to identify you and your travel, including your booking number, name and email address. Moreover, we also use your provided contact information to contact you with other questions and queries.  To work with your booking we have a standard customer service function that is managed by the IT-system Twenty. All personal data handled in Twenty will be shared with CampingVision. CampingVision is the data controller for our collected personal data.

We collect, process and share personal data within the CampingVision organization to ensure efficient customer service and processing of your purchases.

Transmission of information

When booking a holiday at CampingVision, we will use your personal data to send you details regarding your travels. This will be sent to your registered email address, provided when booking your holiday.

If you book through our website, you will receive an email with your booking details. We will send you an invoice when we have confirmed that the booking has been completed with our partner.  If the invoice is not paid, we will send you a friendly reminder three days after the payment date has expired. If we still do not receive the pending payment, we will send you a cancellation mail seven days after the last payment date.

When the holiday has been paid, you will receive a voucher via email, sent approximately 40-days before departure. We will send you service emails containing important information regarding your booking before, during and after your travels. Once the holidays are over, we will also send you an invite to user and satisfaction surveys. 

Marketing and personalization

CampingVision can utilise customer information related to marketing contexts for specific trips. In this case, we will also contact you via email or letter. 

If you have chosen to receive e-mails or newsletters containing information or offers, we will use your personal data to send you the e-mail, and if necessary, to adjust the e-mail content according to your specific preferences and interests.

We can use personalisation to market to you on social media, via email, and through third-party web advertising. We may also share information with partners to help customize offers and marketing. In this case, we will have a data processing agreement to ensure that the partner in question is processing information according to the Personal Data Regulation.

Several website cookies will be used for the analysis of user behaviour and personalisation. 

Product, system and service development

The information we collect from our customers is used to develop and improve our products, systems, and services. This applies to our digital services, where we investigate customer behaviour and then optimize how our information, products, and campaigns are presented.

Legislative provisions

When processing personal data, we comply with all applicable laws and regulations. This can mean that we provide personal data to the authorities according to the law.

Storage times

At CampingVision, we store your personal data for as long as it is necessary.  The personal data we collect will be stored in our customer database, where we store travel history and personal information for up to three years. After three years, we anonymise part of this data, which is then kept for a total of five years from the end of the financial year. If you submit a complaint regarding a trip within three years after your last trip, we will store your information for ten years.

Your customer login will store all the recorded information for as long as that login remains active.

If you are subscribed to newsletters and informative emails, your information will be stored for as long as you choose to continue receiving these emails.

We may store the same personal data in different locations for different purposes. This means that when we remove information from one system it is not necessarily excluded from another. The information can be kept in another system according to an agreement or for any other purpose that information is required.

Organizational measures to secure personal data

At CampingVision we carry out regular risk assessments to ensure the stored and processed personal data is protected in accordance with regulation. We have implemented work processes, routines, and access restrictions that ensure we comply with Personal Data Regulation.

Disclosure of personal data 

Transfer of personal data within CampingVision 

At CampingVision, we work with close collaboration, and several functions are shared, including IT-functions, HR-functions, and accounting. In this case, we share all personal data to provide the best and most efficient service for our customers, while ensuring correct and uniform access to the applicable legations, rules, and conditions.

Employees of CampingVision have access to this personal data, since it is necessary for us to provide our products and services to the customer.

Microsoft Office

We use Microsoft Office products for our internal work, and this means that Microsoft will process your personal data as a data processor.


At CampingVision we use a wide range of IT-systems and services, some of which process and store personal data. Some systems are located locally with us. In this case, it is only our employees who have access to the information, meaning the data is not transferred to third parties. Other systems are cloud-based solutions or installed by a vendor, which means we will transfer the personal data to that vendor. In these cases, the supplier will handle the personal data on our behalf and as per our guidelines.

Internal IT-systems

Internally, we handle personal data in our booking system and customer database. We have designed the system to provide the service the customer purchases. We developed the system with an emphasis on fast and simple booking, as well as the best possible customer service. The (Twenty) system handles all personal data collected in connection with a booking.

Web analysis companies

For the analysis of user behaviour and development work on our websites, we have external suppliers. These suppliers process personal data on our behalf, and we collect the information mainly through website cookies and anonymously handling.

Contact Services

We use external suppliers to send information via e-mail, such as newsletters. These suppliers have access to personal data, such as names and email addresses.

We use an external provider in connection with our website chat function. The suppliers have access to all the information in the chat.

We also use external suppliers to manage different contact forms on our website. Said suppliers have access to the personal data provided in said form. 

Holiday product suppliers

We have several suppliers and contractual partners offering different services, which you can order through us. We share the necessary information with these partners to deliver the requested service.


At CampingVision we have contracts with campsites and with suppliers that own campsites. When booking a CampingVision holiday, we transfer the necessary personal data about you and your holiday to the relevant party. This information could, for example, include the name and age of the traveller as well as the booking information itself. This is done so we, and the supplier, can deliver the requested service. If there is a complaint, we will contact the provider to find a solution and minimise the risk of it happening again. 

Your rights 

Necessary handling of personal data

Processing of personal data is essential for us to fulfil our agreement with you, and it is only collected directly from you. This that you are the person who transfers said information to us either by phone, e-mail or through our website’s chat function. You consent that we may use said data to complete your booking and fulfil our agreement with you.

We need permission to collect personal data for other purposes such as sending newsletters or analysing user behaviour.

Withdrawal of consent

You may withdraw your consent at any time by contacting us via the information found in the Contact section. If you revoke your consent, we will delete all personal data and discontinue processes covered by your consent. There are cases where we may process personal data both based on your consent and due to other rules, such as those related to accounting. This means that in some cases, we will still store your personal data even if you revoke consent. 

Information and control of your personal data

You have the right to receive information relating to the information we process about you, as well as the right to request that the information be destroyed, supplemented or corrected. Moreover, you also have the right to ask for your personal data to be processed for specific purposes.

If you do not wish that we process your personal data

We may need some personal data to fulfil our agreement with you. We cannot provide you with the requested products or services if you do not supply us with specific personal data.

If you request that we do not use your personal data for marketing or statistic purposes, you will not be able to receive offers and information from us, and this can mean that some digital services may not work as they were intended.  


At CampingVision, and on the websites we manage, we use cookies to improve your experience and to collect information for marketing and website content development. The information is stored and processed anonymously. Besides these personal data policies, our cookie policy also applies in this case.  

If you wish to file a complaint 

Anyone who believes that the company does not comply with the Personal Data Regulation can contact   the National Data Inspectorate. You can read more by visiting the Data Inspectorate (DPA) here. 


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