Campsites northern Spain

Planning a week away to discover the beaches of Northern Spain? Or do you plan to Visit Barcelona or Santander? In the North of Spain, you really have the feeling of being away from it all while soaking up the sun.

A holiday in Northern Spain can take you to Cantabria, the region that is also known as the Costa Verde (the Green Coast). Here you will find forests, pristine beaches, caves and picturesque villages. Or discover the Costa Brava, another region in Northern Spain. You just have to cross the border with France to get to the Costa Brava. Some of the campsites in the north of Spain are located only a few kilometers from the border, near the bay of Rosas for example. A camping holiday in the north of Spain is actually ideal, not too far away and yet completely Spanish!

Cantabria coast

Northern Spain - Cantabria

Costa Brava coast campsites

Northern Spain - Costa Brava