Croatia’s tourist industry has once more flourished as people flock to its spectacularly beautiful Dalmatian coast. With hospitable local people, a good tourist infrastructure, natural beauty and a liberal attitude, Croatia is an enchanting Mediterranean destination. People who choose to spend their camping holiday in Croatia will have an experience they will never forget. All this and more is waiting to be enjoyed when you book your next exotic holiday with Allcamps. And good to know: since January 1, 2023 the euro is the official currency in Croatia.

Main Attractions in Croatia

Nature lovers will want to spend plenty of time exploring the large and lovely Pletvica National Park during their luxury camping break. This stunning green zone is located inland near the Bosnian border and is comprised of a dozen stepped turquoise lakes cascading over limestone waterfalls spread across several kilometers of pristine forest. People who book a mobile home at one of Croatia’s top campsites can be sure that they will experience a holiday they will never forget. 

Beautiful Beaches on Croatia

The enchanting Dalmatian Coast is scattered with a large number of stunning sandy beaches for visitors to unwind on. Korcula Island lies on the southern coast, an oasis of vineyards and olive trees, with beautiful bays and quiet beaches. The town has a medieval presence complete with ancient forts, and the Cathedral Square’s buildings are rich in Venetian influence.

Exploring Croatia

The capital city of Croatia offers visitors impressive views from Lotrscak Tower, while the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary commands a prominent position in the city. Rovinj, a picturesque fishing village in Istria near Slovenia, is set among wooded hills with lovely vistas of the islands dotted offshore.