Allcamps Security Pack

What does the Security Pack cover?

Taking out the Security Pack covers the below cancellations and amendments:

  • Right to cancel the booking up to 60 days prior to arrival, without giving a reason.

You will receive a full refund minus the 10% deductible excess (based on the total amount of the booking) + the price of the Security Pack. In the 60 days thereafter, the standard cancellation terms will apply.

  • Right to cancel up to 12.00am the day before arrival In case of documented illness, injury or death of: 
    • Family members in the first or second degree (parents, children, brothers/sisters, grandparents, parents-in-law, stepchildren).
    • A partner to whom you are married or have a cohabitation contract. 

You will receive a full refund minus the 10% deductible excess (based on the total amount of the reservation) + the price of the Security Pack.

  • The booking can be changed without amendment fee until 2 weeks prior to arrival. Any extra costs that the provider charges as a result of the change are to be borne by the traveller.

How to take out the Security Pack

Allcamps Security Pack must be taken out during the booking process and before the first payment. Requests to add the insurance after the booking has been processed will not be accepted.

How much does the Allcamps Security Pack cost?

  • 2% of the total amount of your booking. The exact amount is calculated in the booking process. 

Please note that this insurance does not cover cancellation related to COVID19-related travel restrictions.


In case of illness, death or injury you must provide a doctor's certificate. The certificate must be received by us within 7 days of the cancellation request. Any costs for this certificate are for your own account. LuxCamp reserves the right to have a further examination carried out by its own doctor in case of doubt.

Persons over the age of 75 and persons with chronic diseases do not qualify for the Security Pack.

Pregnancy and its consequences are not considered as illness. Epidemic or pandemic diseases are not covered by the Security Pack.

Medical costs and any material damage caused during the trip are not covered. Don't forget to take out additional travel insurance which, apart from luggage, also covers the costs of e.g. an accident, illness and/or repatriation during your holiday.

Should you wish to cancel your trip because you have found a more favourable offer on our website, please note that no new holiday may be booked within the first 48 hours.